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Becoming a Young Woman Who Pleases God

Pat Ennis $13.49 Regular Price: $14.99 Becoming a Young Woman Who Pleases God
A Teen’s Guide to Discovering Her Biblical Potential

A youthful eye view of what goes on in the heart, soul, mind, and actions of a young woman who wants to develop the character traits of a Christ follower.

Following the journal entries of a fictional, contemporary high school senior, Sarah, readers experience the challenges and triumphs of her "incredible journey" of everyday faith. Questioning, "Is it possible to enjoy my teen years and please God at the same time?" Sarah finds answers through her own experiences. From the pages of Sarah's personal journal, the reader will learn how to choose friends wisely; manage money well; embrace biblical principles in decision making; choose to serve rather than be served; and develop knowledge and skills that make life more creative, enjoyable, and emotionally and physically satisfying.

Paperback. 176 pp.

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