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Prayer of the Lord

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Every Sunday in churches worldwide, countless believers recite the Lord's Prayer. Was that Jesus' intent when he instructed his disciples? Teaching on Matthew 6:5-13, R.C. Sproul says Jesus was imparting a model for conversation with God. Proceeding line-by-line through the passage, he brings eye-opening insights on God's fatherhood, kingdom, and will; sin; forgiveness; temptation; and Satan.

“R.C. Sproul has an amazing gift for explaining difficult truths in pithy, memorable, and easy-to-grasp ways. He is the ideal teacher for a study of the Lord's Prayer, because the prayer itself is a profound lesson on a difficult subject, given by Jesus to His disciples in an amazing economy of words. You will be greatly blessed and edified by this book.”
John MacArthur

“Here is a very special book on prayer. It will not leave you overwhelmed with failure and crushed into “giving prayer yet another try”—as many books and sermons on prayer do. Instead, it will lead you gently by the hand—as Jesus did when He taught the disciples the prayer on which these pages are based. It will draw you into a sense of the privilege of prayer, stimulate new desires to pray, even leave you with a sense of the delights of prayer. The Prayer of the Lord is—quite simply—a spiritual treat.
Sinclair B. Ferguson

130 pp. Hardcover.

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