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Biblia Léemala: Historias biblicas para los pequen

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Biblia Léemala is a padded hardcover board book with a plastic carrying handle. It features 20 well-known Bible stories that focus on God and His love and promises for us through Jesus. Simply told and beautifully illustrated, this will be a favorite among toddlers and young readers who will love to carry around their own Bible.

The stories here include: Creation, Noah’s Ark, A Tall Tower, Moses in the Basket, Out of Egypt, The Ten Commandments, The Walls of Jericho, Samson, David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lions, Jonah and the Great Fish, Jesus Is Born, The Big Catch of Fish, Through the Roof to Jesus, Jesus Feeds the People, Jesus Stills the Storm, Lazarus Wake Up!, Jesus Is Crucified, Jesus Is Alive!, and Going Back to Heaven. Ages 0 - 4.

40pp. Hardback.

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