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Twelve Unlikely Heroes

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Twelve Unlikely Heroes: How God Commissioned Unexpected People in the Bible and What He Wants to Do with You

In the third installment of the Twelve series, readers discover that true success is measured in terms of obedience, humility and faithfulness to God.

They faltered. They struggled. At times, they failed. Yet God worked through them in incredible ways to accomplish his purposes. In Twelve Unlikely Heroes, the third installment of Dr. MacArthur's Twelve series (Twelve Ordinary Men, Twelve Extraordinary Women), readers gain new insights into the kind of people God uses, and what it means to be successful in his eyes. Readers receive deep biblical teaching and inspiring life instruction from Bible characters like:

  • Joseph: a slave who saved his country and his family
  • Miriam: the sister who helped shape one of Israel's foremost deliverers
  • Samson: an uncontrollable man whom God empowered and used
  • Jonathan: an heir to a throne he was willing to give up
  • Esther: the woman God used to spare the Jewish people
  • Mark: a coward who was restored and wrote the second gospel
  • Onesimus: a runaway slave who became a minister
  • And more!

Twelve Unlikely Heroes highlights this wonderful mystery: that God uses weak, foolish, and broken people to showcase his power, wisdom, and love. He works through those who are humble, contrite, and eager to obey. By God's grace and for his glory, ordinary sinners are unexpectedly transformed into heroes of the faith.

256pp. Hardback.

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