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Preaching with Variety

Jeffrey D. Arthurs $14.39 Regular Price: $15.99 This new volume in the Preaching With series reveals how pastors can preach in a way that employs—with creativity—the six writing genres or forms found in the Bible. Each chapter includes practical “Try this” suggestions and ends with a quick checklist for preachers to consider when preaching from each of the six genres. Readers will learn how to expand their repertoire of creative, interesting, and relevant sermons.

Preaching with Variety is a stimulating read for the biblical expositor. Its strength is in its descriptions of the biblical genres discussed and its sug-gestions of the various ways the preacher can enhance his variety. However, Arthurs makes it clear that the goal is always to explain the content of the text to the listener, not to show the creative skill of the preacher.”
Keith Essex, Assistant Professor of Bible Exposition, The Master’s Seminary

240 pp. Softcover.

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