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Mandie Collection Vol 3, The

Lois Gladys Leppard $14.39 Regular Price: $15.99

The Mandie Collection, Volume 3 (Books 11-15)

Mandie and the Holiday Surprise

Mandie was excited to come home for Christmas, but now it seems her mother and stepfather are keeping an important secret from her.

Mandie and the Washington Nightmare

When Mandie stays at the White House with her grandmother, she's convinced she sees George Washington-who's been dead for over one hundred years!

Mandie and the Midnight Journey

Mandie can't bear to share her mother with her baby brother, so she decides to take her future into her own hands.

Mandie and the Shipboard Mystery

Mandie and Celia meet some unusual people aboard the Queen Mary, and trouble brews when their things disappear from their cabin.

Mandie and the Foreign Spies

An unsigned telegram is awaiting Mandie at her hotel, and she's not sure whether this is a new adventure or danger in disguise!

608pp. Paperback.

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