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At the Throne of Grace

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A select collection of powerful Scripture readings and prayers that inspire heartfelt communion with God and gratitude for all that He is and has done for us.

For more than 40 years, John MacArthur has steadfastly committed himself to the careful and faithful teaching of God's Word. A key outgrowth of his study of Scripture is the profoundly God-centered prayers that precede his sermons.

John's prayers are the offerings of a heart that is fully committed to honoring God, proclaiming and obeying His Word, and calling others to do the same. In this book, prayers and Scripture readings from across his years of ministry have been brought together to stir Christians toward more meaningful and edifying communion with God.

This book will guide readers, in the most intimate way possible, before God's throne of grace giving them a renewed passion and appreciation for their Lord.

256pp. Hardback.

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