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Gospel According to Jesus (20th Anniversary Ed.)
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Gospel According to Jesus (20th Anniversary Ed.)

John MacArthur $22.49 Regular Price: $24.99

What is Authentic Faith?

Not all faith is redemptive. Not all faith saves. What, then, is authentic faith? With an additional chapter explaining the significance of being slaves of Christ, John MacArthur explores the reality of saving faith in this twentieth Anniversary edition of The Gospel According to Jesus. His message is clear - if you want true liberty from sin, you need to surrender completely to Jesus as Lord.

What does Jesus mean when He says, "Follow Me"? When Jesus called people to follow Him, He was not seeking companions to be His sidekicks or admirers whom He could entertain with miracles. The true gospel according to Jesus is a message that cannot be divorced from the reality of His lordship. The Gospel According to Jesus is a call to yield completely and unreservedly to His lordship.
—adapted from page 25

* Twenty years ago, pastor-teacher and bestselling author John MacArthur tackled that seemingly simple question—and wrote a book that has since taken its place among Christianity’s classics. This 20th Anniversary edition of MacArthur’s provocative book has been revised and contains one new chapter.

304 pp. Hardcover.

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