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Daniel NAC

Stephen R. Miller $22.49 Regular Price: $32.99 Due to current inventory this item ships in 10 days. The theme that keeps showing up in the book of Daniel is God’s sovereign hand played out in human history. While some interpretations in this commentary should be questioned the commentary as a whole offers helpful insights into Daniel. The historical setting of Judah and a brief survey of Neo-Babylonian History is covered to help the reader understand the setting.

The NAC series is an exceptionally acclaimed resource for ministers and Bible students who want to understand and expound the Scriptures. Notable features in this volume include:

• Commentary based on the New International Version

• Sound scholarly methodology reflecting capable research in the original languages

• Interpretation emphasizing the theological unity of each book and Scripture as a whole

• Readable and applicable exposition.

***This is volume 18 in The New American Commentary series.

348 pp. Hardcover.
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