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Sinners in the Hands of a Good God

David Clotfelter $17.09 Regular Price: $15.99 Are heaven and hell real? How does God's election correspond to our freedom? Why did Jesus have to die? Why doesn't God save everybody? These are questions most believers and seekers have asked, and they are biblically answered by author David Clotfelter. Contrasting the theologies of Jonathan Edwards with George MacDonald, the author reconciles the difficult doctrines of divine judgement and predestination. Sure to be thought-and discussion-provoking message.


Sinners in the Hands of a Good God is a wonderfully clear, readable, understandable study of the sovereignty of God and the problem of evil. David Clotfelter powerfully expounds the biblical doctrines of sin and grace—something desperately needed in a generation when both concepts have become terribly vague and confused in most people’s minds.”
John MacArthur, Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church.

320 pp. Softcover.

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